The Perfect Gift for Grandma!

I have to admit, I was so excited to do my first “mom project”! I wanted to give something to my mom for Mother’s Day that focused on her first Mother’s Day as Mamaw T. 5 month old lil rotten boys;) cant really do a lot to help with many projects, but one thing they can do is pose for pictures… or at least lay there for pictures! So, Kason and I did our first crafty project together and I must say, it turned out super cute!






I bought some small wooden letters at Hobby Lobby for .99 each. I painted them blue bc I knew I wanted him to wear blue in the pictures. I used acrylic paint that was 1.27 at Hobby Lobby. Because “mamaw” has 5 letters I needed a collage that had 5 openings and finally found the perfect one at, where else but, Wal-Mart. They sell them online is sets of two for $29.97. I actually planned on making two of these gifts… one for my mom and one for my mother in-law, so they worked out perfect! We had a 2hour photo session, in which Baby K actually coroporated, with 5 outfit changes, whew! I had to take about 10 different pics with each letter and ended up with about 2 good ones, per letter, to choose from. I decided to use vertical photos, but you can do horizontal too. All you have to do is flip the frame horizontal and the letters will still look great up and down vs. side by side. Printing the pics was about $3.50, using the one hour photo lab. Obviously the hardest part is the photo session, so after that you’re home free… 5 minutes to put together. Total cost…just over $20 and any grandma will LOVE it!! Ours def. did!!:)


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