Kid’s Chore Chart

This is a great idea for a child’s chore list, esp. if they have the same chores each week! Anything to help make a game out of doing chores is a plus. Hopefully this idea provides a way for you and your child to keep track of his/her chores together! The great thing is that you only have to make this once, ulike other weekly or monthly chore charts. If you add chores, just add clothes pins. Making the chart with your child can also be a fun craft project. All you need are some clothes pins and a wooden door knob sign (can be bought at wal-mart or any craft store).

 – Paint the hanging door sign. Be creative with colors, add a theme, etc. Whatever will help personalize the chart for your child.

-Label the sign with your childs name so that they feel proud that it is something that is all their own. Also label one side “To-Do”, “Needs To Do”, etc. and label the other side “Done”, “Finished”, etc.

– Add embellishments, stickers or anything else your child might like.

– Two ways to do this part…Paint the clothes pins and label each one with one of the child’s chores. Write the chore on both sides of the pin so that when it is moved to the other side the chore is still listed and visable. Or…write the chore on only one side of the clothes pin and then make seperate “check mark” clothes pins. You can write check marks, place stickers or embellishments, etc. on the end of the pins (see below photo).

– Start all of the clothes pins on one side and as they do their chores, let your child move them to the other side. Or if you choose to do the check mark clothes pins, place one of those next to each finished chore.

-You can keep the chart on the pantry door for everyone to see his/her progress or on your child’s bedroom door as a constant chore reminder.



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2 responses to “Kid’s Chore Chart

  1. Janice

    This is just so cool! Thanks for the idea. I’m actually gonna do this after my finals. I’m not a mom well duh ==. But I’m a student so I think this will really help me too 😀

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