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Do a Good Deed- Everyday Kings, Do Something!!:)

Hey there to anyone who might stumble upon my blog and to my 4 followers;) I just heard about the blog “Every Day Kings” from a friend and went to check it out bc there was a great cause involved. I went there bc the author is donating all proceeds from her blog this month to a woman who recently lost her husband. All you had to do was click on her blog and you were helping out. Simple enough, so I did. I must say that it is the most inspiring blog I have ever read! I read about the story of the woman the author of Everyday King was helping. After reading that particular post, I wanted to know more about the author. After reading her “About Me” and “Family” posts, I was hooked. Honestly, I spent the next few hours reading various articles and posts on her blog. This woman is truly an inspiration, a special person with a unique soul. I found myself relating to her without being in the same situations that she has faced, overcame and blogged about. Her words are so powerful and have touched me in way that I am able to use them to find hope and positivity in the personal battles and situations in my own life. It’s funny how some things are just meant to happen. I had no idea who this person was or that her blog even existed, I just stumbled upon it trying to do a good deed. It goes to show you that a simple good deed can go far. In this case, me trying to help another ended up benefitting me in ways that I never expected… and will continue to benefit me- as long as Vee, author of Everyday Kings, shares her words.

Click the link below to visit her blog. She says that her blog brings in very little money each month, but what it does bring in during the month of December will be donated to her friend that lost her husband, to help with the costs of the funeral, etc. There more clicks, the more money…so click multiple times a day and just let the page load!! It’s an easy way of helping someone w/o doing anything at all. Maybe you’ll get something more from it, as I did!!:)

Everyday Kings: DO SOMETHING

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Shadowbox for Baby Hospital Hats:)

Ok, so a year later I am finally getting around to finding a way to display my baby boy’s precious newborn hospital hat:). I actually went a step farther a decided to use all 3 newborn hats… the hat from when he was born, the hat he wore home from the hospital and the hat he wore for his newborn pictures.

The project cost less than $20!:) I bought a shadow box for $15, on sale at Hobby Lobby, and added some cute extras…flower embellishments (found in the scrapbook section), ribbon, scrapbook paper and a wooden “K” that I bought in the unfinished wooden craft section (I added paint to it). I afixed the hats to the back with pins that i pinned on the inside of each hat. After playing around with, and then deciding on, the placement of the extras I hot glued them to ensure they stay in place. Such a cute and quick way to display precious keepsakes that would otherwise just be boxed away!:)





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DIY Christmas Card Holder

DIY Card Holder

I know a lot of people forego sending the traditional holiday cards out these days. I, for one, was super excited to send out Christmas cards this year! Its Kason’s first Christmas and I used to create a picture collage card with Kason’s Christmas pictures. Those are typically the cards we received during the holidays too… cards with pictures of the children of our friend’s and family. I wanted to put Kason’s card on display and decided to make a Christmas card holder so that we could display the other cards that we will shortly be receiving as well.

This is an inexpensive, easy & quick project with a super cute final product! All you need is…
– Large picture frame (just the frame, no glass)
-Assorted Christmas ribbon
-Scissors & tape
-Any extra embellishments (I used letters to spell “JOY” at the bottom

I used an open frame that is on my wall year round. I just removed what is normally there and will put it back after the holidays. Bigger the better so that you can fir more than a couple cards on it. Place the frame face down and just tape the ribbon, hoizontally, to the back of the fame. I added a little cheer boy taping glitter letters, hanging from ribbon, to the bottom. After the holidays, all I have to do is remove the tape and, presto… I have my original frame back!:)
FYI… I have clothes pins to hang the cards that that are flat stationary and not folded**

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