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DIY Christmas Card Holder

DIY Card Holder

I know a lot of people forego sending the traditional holiday cards out these days. I, for one, was super excited to send out Christmas cards this year! Its Kason’s first Christmas and I used Shutterfly.com to create a picture collage card with Kason’s Christmas pictures. Those are typically the cards we received during the holidays too… cards with pictures of the children of our friend’s and family. I wanted to put Kason’s card on display and decided to make a Christmas card holder so that we could display the other cards that we will shortly be receiving as well.

This is an inexpensive, easy & quick project with a super cute final product! All you need is…
– Large picture frame (just the frame, no glass)
-Assorted Christmas ribbon
-Scissors & tape
-Any extra embellishments (I used letters to spell “JOY” at the bottom

I used an open frame that is on my wall year round. I just removed what is normally there and will put it back after the holidays. Bigger the better so that you can fir more than a couple cards on it. Place the frame face down and just tape the ribbon, hoizontally, to the back of the fame. I added a little cheer boy taping glitter letters, hanging from ribbon, to the bottom. After the holidays, all I have to do is remove the tape and, presto… I have my original frame back!:)
FYI… I have clothes pins to hang the cards that that are flat stationary and not folded**

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