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Shadowbox for Baby Hospital Hats:)

Ok, so a year later I am finally getting around to finding a way to display my baby boy’s precious newborn hospital hat:). I actually went a step farther a decided to use all 3 newborn hats… the hat from when he was born, the hat he wore home from the hospital and the hat he wore for his newborn pictures.

The project cost less than $20!:) I bought a shadow box for $15, on sale at Hobby Lobby, and added some cute extras…flower embellishments (found in the scrapbook section), ribbon, scrapbook paper and a wooden “K” that I bought in the unfinished wooden craft section (I added paint to it). I afixed the hats to the back with pins that i pinned on the inside of each hat. After playing around with, and then deciding on, the placement of the extras I hot glued them to ensure they stay in place. Such a cute and quick way to display precious keepsakes that would otherwise just be boxed away!:)





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